yellowdiam                Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Fancy yellow diamonds are among the most abundant of all coloured diamonds and are defined as diamonds that exhibit colours beyond the D to Z diamond colour grading scale. The faint to very light yellows are part of this scale and are not considered fancy in nature. The colour of yellow diamonds is intensified by the presence of nitrogen and varying amounts of this element allows for more vibrant colour saturations to exist beyond the faint yellow.

Secondary Colours

There are two main yellow dia­mond colour categories: one contains the appearance of orangey undertones while the other has greenish undertones. Neither group is more valuable than the other and purchase decisions are generally based on personal preferance. In yellow diamonds, modifiers (secondary colours) such as brown, green or orange can drastically increase the visual appearance of the diamond. Colour modifiers can create a very unique and interest­ing yellow diamond. Common descriptors of a yellow diamond with a secondary colour include greenish yellow, orange yellow or brownish yellow.

Fancy Shapes Deliver Maximum Colour

Light reflection reduces the appearance of yellow colour, potentially giving the diamond a lighter colour grade. Due to the low level of saturation that round cuts produce, the majority of yellow diamonds are cut into fancy shapes. Round brilliant cuts often reflect a large amount of white or near white light so each yellow diamond rough is cut into the shape that will deliver the maximum amount of colour when looking at the diamond in the face up position.

Yellow Diamonds and Clarity

Overall natural yellow diamond rough has less inclusions than other coloured diamonds. Colour appearance is the most important factor when grading a coloured diamond but if you are looking for an exceptionally clean coloured diamond then yellow diamonds give you the best chance of finding one.

Yellow Diamonds and Fluorescence

Fluorescence occurs in a range of colours such as blue, green, white, orange, and yellow and is regarded as a negative factor when grading white diamonds. When it comes to coloured diamonds, especially yellows, fluorescence can increase the overall intensity of the diamond, thus add­ing value. For example blue fluorescence can give a green­ish hint of colour to a yellow diamond.

Grading Scale

When grading yellow diamonds, Argyle uses the 1Y to 7Y grading scale which separates the tone or depth of colour progressively.


                     "The colour yellow is very warm, uplifting and cheerful."

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