greendiamond                    Natural Fancy Green Diamonds

Created by natural radiation over millions of years, green diamonds are among the rarest natural colour diamond on earth. They range from fancy light green diamonds to the more rare fancy vivid green diamonds and are sought after by collectors.

Secondary Colours

In green diamonds, modifiers (secondary colours) such as yellow, grey, brown and blue can drastically increase the visual appearance of the diamond. Colour modifiers help create a very unique and interest­ing green diamond, however the more pure the colour, the more rare the diamond.

Cut to Maximise Colour

Coloured diamonds are cut to maximise the colour, not the clarity, and most inclusions are hidden by the saturation of colour within a diamond. Value is based on colour factors such as hue, intensity and tone. Hue is the basic colour of the diamond, intensity is the degree to which the colour is present and tone is the range from light to dark colour. A grading scale separates the tone or depth of colour progressively.

Green Diamonds and Clarity

Clarity is almost necessary when selecting a high quality white diamond, this is not so when considering green coloured diamond. Quite often the feathers or small crystal inclusions appear the same colour as the diamond and don’t diminish the colouring. As long as the green diamond is considered “eye clean” to an untrained eye clarity is not as crucial. However green diamonds that have a strong saturation of colour and a higher clarity demand a premium in price.

Common Colour Variations

Green  diamonds are graded according to the intensityof colour with the more intense and vivid colours demanding very high prices:

Fancy Light Green, Fancy Green, Fancy Intense Green, Fancy Vivid Green, Fancy Deep Green.

Most green diamonds come with yellow, brown, gray and blue which can drastically increase the visual appearance. The following are some common variations:

Fancy Yellowish Green, Fancy Greyish Green, Fancy Brownish Green, Fancy Gray Yellowish Green, Fancy Intense Yellow Green, Fancy Intense Bluish Green, Fancy Vivid Yellowish Green, Fancy Vivid Bluish Green.

        yelgreendiam                          bluegreendiam                        fibluegreen                         fvgreen

Fancy Yellowish Green      Fancy Bluish Green      Fancy Vivid Bluish Green     Fancy Vivid Green

“The colour green is the most restful colour to the eye and suggests stability and endurance. Aqua green is associated with emotional healing and protection, while olive green is the traditional colour of peace”.

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