browndiam Natural Fancy Brown Diamonds

The same type of structural defect that produces the rarest pink and sometimes red diamonds also causes the most common hue available in a brown diamond. The range of shades available from champagne to cognac is striking; with each brown diamond being a unique blend of colours.

Secondary Colours

Brown diamonds have the greatest array of secondary colours, often imbued with rich overtones of yellow, orange and pink. These colours drastically alter the overall appearance of colour and ultimately, the value. Modifiers (secondary colours) can drastically increase the visual appearance of the diamond.

Cut to maximise Colour

The most important thing when deciding on a coloured diamond is the colour. Coloured diamonds are cut to maximise colour, not  clarity, and most inclusions are hidden by the saturation of colour within the diamond. Value is based on colour factors such as hue (basic colour of the diamond), intensity (degree to which the colour is present; the more intense the colour the more valuable the diamond) and tone (range from light to dark colour).  A grading scale separates the tone or depth of colour progressively.

Brown Diamonds and Clarity

Clarity is almost necessary when selecting a high quality white diamond, this is not so when considering brown coloured diamonds. Quite often the feathers or small crystal inclusions appear the same colour as the diamond and don’t diminish the colouring. As long as the brown diamond is considered “eye clean” to an untrained eye clarity is not as crucial. However brown diamonds that have a strong saturation of colour and a higher clarity demand a premium in price.

Price of Brown Diamonds

Currently brown diamonds are the least expensive of the coloured diamonds and present the best opportunity for bargains in the world of fancy coloured diamonds. Demand for champagne and cognac diamonds has increased in recent years and with supplies decreasing, the value of brown diamonds will continue to increase.

Grading Brown Diamonds

When grading brown diamonds, Argyle uses the C1 to C7 grading scale which separates the tone or depth of colour progressively.


"The colour brown represents a connection with natural earth and the stability and clear thinking this brings."

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