choosediam    Round or Princess – The Two Most Popular Shapes

 When it comes to diamond shapes, the two that stand out above the rest are the Round brilliant cut and the Square Princess cut. Both are known for their eye catching sparkle and brilliance and the right one for you depends largely on personal taste. Provided the diamond is well cut, there is no quality difference between different diamond shapes.
roundart  Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most traditional and continue to be the most popular in today’s market. Originally created to optimise the stone’s brilliance (reflected white light) and fire (spectral colour flashes). Round diamonds are distinguished by their constant and equal proportions, with multiple angles scattering light like no other shape can. 
Buying Tips
Cut:       Very Good or Excellent. Do not compromise with this quality.
Clarity:  SI1 or better is recommended.
Colour:  I or better is recommended
princessart  Princess Brilliant Cut Diamond
Princess diamonds have become enormously popular in recent years.  The princess combines the sparkle of a round brilliant cut with the square shape and retains more carat weight from the rough diamond, resulting in less waste during cutting. Princess cuts are a good choice for solitaire engagement rings and are often embellished with side stones. Flattering to a hand with long fingers, the princess also offers many style choices. A big advantage of the princess is that diamonds of the same weight, colour and clarity cost considerably less than a round diamond.  
 Buying Tips:
Clarity:   VS2 or better is recommended.
Colour:   H or better is also recommended.
Cut:        Very Good or Excellent Cut. Do not compromise with this quality.
excellentcut  Diamonds That Sparkle
Weather you choose between a Round brilliant or Princess diamond, a compromise when considering the cut will result in less sparkle. The diamond will still appear nice and white if a concession is made with colour and still appear clean to the eye if a concession is made with clarity. When considering the size of the diamond, keep in mind, a smaller well cut diamond that sparkles is far more desirable than a larger diamond that appears lifeless and dull.
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