54diamondset The Benefits of Purchasing Loose Diamonds

Purchasing loose diamonds has become very popular among jewellery consumers in Australia. There is simply no better way to personalise your jewellery than to choose your own design. Buying a diamond and customising a design around that diamond can be an exciting and creative project.  The financial savings associated with your creation, when compared to an item of jewellery of similar quality, can be substantial.
There are advantages in purchasing your diamond separate from an item of jewellery including the ability to select a better quality diamond within your budget and having a larger selection of diamonds to choose from.  Being able to view and examine your diamond in its entirety to assess its quality and beauty is best accomplished before the diamond has been set.  When you inspect loose diamonds, it is much easier to notice flaws than in a diamond that is already set in jewellery.  Often the diamond you want is in a setting you don't particularly like: by choosing your diamond and having it set, you get an item of jewellery that perfectly reflects your personality.

boteardrop     Diamond Sets (Layouts)
Design options are endless and jewellery that feature a centre diamond with diamonds placed on the outer sides are known as Diamond Sets which are assembled in order to make a unique setting.  A Diamond Set that features three diamonds is a very popular setting, particularly in engagement rings.  The design options are endless and any diamond shape can be used to create a unique piece of jewellery. Our Matching Pairs and Diamond Sets are a source of inspiration to create a unique piece of jewellery.

pinkprincess    Matching Pairs and Matching Sets

Matching pairs and matching sets of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds are extremely rare.  No two Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds are the same and when creating a matching pair or set we need to match colour and size as close as possible.  Matching a pair or set of Coloured Princess Diamonds requires the difficult task of not only getting as close in colour and size as possible; it also involves finding diamonds that are as close to square as possible.    


 "When selecting your diamond you not only create a unique piece of jewellery, you get an item of jewellery that reflects your personality."

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