fluoro                  Buying A Round Diamond Within Your Budget

Most of us would like to have the perfect diamond; one carat or larger, flawless and D colour however, most of us have a budget and need to make concessions. The following suggestions are a guide to help you arrive at the best quality diamond that suits your budget.

 caratcut No Compromise with Cut

There should be no compromise when considering the cut of the diamond. Consider only diamonds that are a very good or excellent cut.  A compromise on the cut of a diamond will result in diminished brilliance.

caratcut Making Concessions with Clarity

Everyone would like a Flawless or Internally Flawless diamond however they are very rare and the price reflects this fact.  Most of us start with diamonds that are VVS or VS clarity.  The difference between, for example, VVS1 and VS2 is noticeable only to trained professionals and for this reason diamonds with VS2 clarity represent excellent value.  Another popular grading to consider is SI1 as the diamond will still appear clean to the eye and represents exceptional value.

caratcut Making Concessions with Colour

Many of the colour distinctions are so subtle as to be invisible to the untrained eyeand selecting a lower colour will give you a diamond that still appears white.  On the colour scale D is the ultimate choice and if you are considering VS2 or SI1 clarity then a diamond with D colour may be within your budget.  If however compromise is still required then you could consider an F colour grading which is virtually colourless and very good value when compared with D or E colour.  Excellent value can also be found with near colourless diamonds that have a colour grading of G or H. Exceptional value can be found when considering I colour diamonds, they appear colourless and if they are excellent cut with good clarity, SI1 or better, they have the same brilliance and sparkle as colourless diamonds.

caratcut Making Concessions with the Size

As the diamond carat weight increases, so does its rarity and subsequently price.   Therefore if the size of your diamond is most important for you, a compromise on quality may be required. Most of us would love to own a one carat or larger diamond however is size worth compromising the quality of the diamond?  A smaller well cut diamond with sparkle is, surely, far more desirable than a large diamond that appears lifeless and dull. 

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